Kingdom Hearts II

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kingdom hearts
Kingdom Hearts II is a must have game for adventure game lovers. The story begins at a peaceful world called Twilight Town.

At first, we play as Roxas, somekind of Sora’s (the main character) other self. He llves a peaceful live until strange things begin to happen to him. The story unfolds and it turns out that he was actually on the bad side and never supposed to exist. He was Sora’s nobody (creature made from nothingness). He really wanted to meet his other self but in the process he lost some of his memories.

He finally found Sora sleeping inside some strange pod and finally, they combined. Sora, now awakened continues his journey to find his lost friend and a way home with his companions, Donald Duck (a wizard) and Goofy (a knight).

As the stories continues, the team found out that the real threat is coming from The Nobodies and their leader Organization XIII. Some members of the Organization XIII was already defeated and killed by Sora on his last journey and two of them has gone rogue. Sora and the team finally find a gate to the Organization’s World. A world named The World Than Never Was.


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